Game Council-approved Australian hunting organisation.

– Regular meetings
– Club hunting trips
– Overseas hunting tips
– Colour newsletters
– NSW Firearms Registry approved
– Game Council NSW – AHO R licence testing to hunt on Public Land in NSW
– New hunters welcome
– Supporting The Shooters and Fishers Party
– Affiliated with Dallas Safari Club

Full 12-month membership – $80.00

For more information, contact:

P 0409 914 300
PO Box Q1738
Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230

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About AHI

Australian Hunters International was formed in February 1982 by a group of dedicated hunters that hunted both locally and internationally. This group were fed up with no Australian club catering to their needs and with monies raised going offshore with no benefit locally to them. Small in its beginnings the club began to prosper with membership now well over 300 and in a very sound financial position. We promote safe and ethical hunting and encourage families and females to participate. The club is very social and meeting are regular with an accent on the social side of things as well as hunting – everyone is welcome!

Club hunts

The club has a full calendar of scheduled hunts that are offered up to the members on a regular basis plus regular club meetings and activities. This includes access to private land that has Fallow, Red and Sambar deer in good trophy quantities plus good numbers of Pigs, Rabbits and foxes together with excellent Trout fishing. In addition to this the club hunts regularly on public land.

Hunts are not restricted to Australia with the club hunting internationally in Argentina most recently. A great majority of our members individually hunt internationally so for first timers experienced and quality advice is readily available.

The Shooters and Fishers Party

The club actively supports and raises funds for The Shooters and Fishers Party and one of the clubs founding members The Honourable Robert Borsak MLC remains a driving force within the club.

Approved hunting organisation

The club is an approved hunting organisation offering testing for firearms safety testing for the purpose of gaining a firearms licence.