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GameCon enjoys a unique position due to its depth of expertise in assessing the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that result from the existence of hunting clubs and their fight to maintain our
cultural right to hunt and use firearms for legal activities.

Political events in the latter half of 2013 demonstrated that hunters could no longer fully rely upon established practises to defend ourselves against the onslaught of progressive media such as the
Sydney Morning Herald. Blatant media bias such as the ABC and Greens’ partisans in organisations such as the National Parks Association is obvious.

The N.P.A. has publicly boasted about having unfettered access to inside information from high ranking government bureaucrats. This triad of Greens activism is awash with resources and they openly
demonstrate their desire to eliminate the modern day conservation hunter along with their ability to own and use firearms legally.

The National Parks Association is on record for supporting a continued ban on duck shooting and has made goal a priority. This platform provides additional evidence that they are an organisation
dominated by Greens ideology.

A press release highlighted the following:

“In 2013, with your donations, we mounted one of the largest and most successful community campaigns in recent times against the government’s proposal to allow unsupervised recreational hunting in our national parks.

Our efforts were rewarded when the government dramatically revised its plans, satisfying a majority of our concerns. Instead of unsupervised amateur hunting in 79 national parks, the Supplementary Pest Control Program is now a 3-year trial in 12 reserves using a small number of highly qualified, supervised shooters as part of a strategic NPWS feral animal control program”.

GameCon can no longer hope to effectively work towards our objectives on a shoestring budget, we simply need more money and would appreciate your financial support.

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