What is GameCon?

The Game Management Council of New South Wales Inc. is a true hunting club peak body run by member club delegates and is recognised as a peak body by the NSW Firearms Registry. The membership of our combined organisations would exceed 5,500 people. GameCon’s primary objective is to support shooting sport and other traditional outdoor activities; consequently, we advocate on the behalf of 4WD and dog owners, pig dog hunters, fishers, and bow hunters. GameCon meets bi-monthly in Sydney and welcomes interested parties to request an invitation to attend a regular meeting.

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Our History

How far we have come

The Game Management Council of New South Wales Inc. evolved from The Joint Committee of Recreational Hunting Clubs which operated in the mid-1980s.

Mr Robert Brown, former SFFP MLC, is respectably recognised as father of the now disbanded Game Council NSW and is an esteemed, former delegate to GameCon. Our delegates supported Robert and liaised with him to help write and subsequently lobby for passage of the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002.

The Honourable Robert Borsak MLC, is another Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party member who is a former delegate to GameCon. R Borsak MLC maintains communication with us and occasionally attends our meetings, when invited. GameCon strives to ensure the wishes of LAFOs are articulated in a clear and focused manner to influential decision makers, stakeholders and the wider public.

For example:

We sponsored a mobile phone app, named Feral Snap that allows users to photographically document the appalling effects of 1080.

Planned, sponsored and organised The Fishing & Hunting Networking Forum February, 2019

Funded and initiated a campaign against the use of 1080 due to inherent animal cruelty produced by the poison.

For years our nominated delegate sat in on meetings of The Animal Welfare Advisory Council when it was operating. AWAC advised the minister on issues of animal welfare.

We have had full member status on the Pest Animal Committee

GameCon and have also provided advice The Australian Wildlife Health Network. This group monitors disease transmission between animals and humans. GameCon was instrumental in having hunters endorsed as sentinels for the early detection of wildlife disease. We liaised with both State and Federal Governments to co-ordinate surveillance of wild duck diseases using volunteer hunters.

GameCon partnered with Dogs NSW on responding to legislative activity affecting the ownership of all dogs and hunting dogs. GameCon was instrumental in fostering ethical use of hunting dogs and worked closely The Australian Pig Doggers and Hunters Association when it was a fledgling organisation.

A number of our delegates were ministerial appointees and served as Councillors on the original Game Council NSW. All three of Game Council’s Chairmen were at one time delegates from a GameCon Member Club.

We have funded leading edge; peer reviewed and internationally recognized research about the effectiveness of Australian Firearms Legislation.

We have mounted numerous letter writing campaigns due to the actions of government & activists opposed to the private ownership of firearms, hunting and the opening of new guns shops.

One of our delegates was appointed as a councillor on The Commonwealth Firearms Advisory Council, which The Labor Party restarted and was then subsequently axed by a newly elected Liberal Government in 2013.

We enthusiastically made substantial financial support to Hunt Fest 2013, 2014 & some financial support in 2015. It is unlikely that Hunt Fest would have been launched without our financial and moral support.

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