Thank you for visiting the Game Management Council of NSW website

We are a peak NSW Hunting organisation which represents the interests of 14 subscribing Associate clubs. 

As one of the largest shooting organisations in Australia, we represent the interests of our members and the broader hunting & shooting community.

Since the Council’s inception in 2008, we have been an influential voice in both the hunting and broader shooting community with representation on numerous Government advisory boards.

Our Committee and member clubs are made up of volunteers, who range from Solicitors, health professionals, Public Servants, Teachers, Police to Trades persons & encompass a range of other professional careers across the community.

Our Committee works tirelessly to ensure our core goals are met.

Those goals are:

When you join us, we work hard to increase hunting opportunities for you

Ensure the continued positive perception of hunters and shooters in NSW and across Australia

Fight against unreasonable and onerous legislative restrictions

“We strive to unite all hunting, shooting and recreation bodies into a united voice to ensure we continue to offer the best opportunities possible to all recreations.”